Convert your idea into IoT Product!


What can you build?

Any thing you can imagine for an IoT use case. Below are few ideas to get started.


Build projects for your interships or semester curriculum.


Prototype your ideas into a product within a day.



Build quick pre-sales demo to win a customer deal.

How is it different from existing boards?

Simplified single board architecture to build any IoT Project in hours!

You dont need multiple boards!

IoT complexity is over! Meet the new simplified Bharat Pi with powerful ESP32 microcontroller which has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, SimCom A7672S series 4G LTE module with an optional GPS trackers and an SD card slot makes it suitable to build any IoT idea into a product. You can even build LoRa or Matter based application using Bharat Pi boards.


Affordable and Interroperable

The board costs lesser than integrating microcontroller, wireless network connectivity and storage. Robust design and short circuits with reverse polarity protection diode make it the most afforsable board! Starts at just ₹ 850! Buy now.

Bharat Pi v/s Arduino Uno

Bharat Pi is built to enable AI and ML workflows for the next wave of enabling 10 Billions devices world wide.

Compute, network and storage on a single board makes it ready to handle AI and ML workflows with edge data mining and processing capabilities.


Order online and get it delivered at your doorstep worldwide!

Ready to convert your idea into an IoT Project?